How Did The Second New Deal Differ From The First?

What was the second New Deal quizlet?

Terms in this set (6) A new set of programs promoted by FDR in the spring of 1935 including additional banking reforms, new tax laws, new relief programs; also known as the Second Hundred Days.

A New Deal agency that helped create 9 million jobs working on bridges, roads, and buildings..

How did the second New Deal affect American citizens?

The Second New Deal in 1935–1936 included the National Labor Relations Act to protect labor organizing, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) relief program (which made the federal government the largest employer in the nation), the Social Security Act and new programs to aid tenant farmers and migrant workers.

What major issues did the Second New Deal address?

What major issues did the second New Deal address? The Second New Deal addressed the needs of the elderly, the poor, the unemployed, and the disabled with the passage of the Social Security Act. The Wagner Act gave workers the right to join unions and engage in collective bargaining.

How did the second New Deal affect farmers?

The New Deal created new lines of credit to help distressed farmers save their land and plant their fields. It helped tenant farmers secure credit to buy the lands they worked. It built roads and bridges to help transport crops, and hospitals for communities that had none.

How was the second new deal different from the first?

The overall goals of both of the New Deals were to relieve, reform, and recover the United States from the Great Depression. The primary goal of the First New Deal was to help the United States from the Great Depression, while the Second New Deal was to reform the economy.

How did the emphasis of the Second New Deal differ from the first New Deal quizlet?

How did emphasis of the Second New Deal differ from that of the First New Deal? The First New Deal focused on economic recovery. The emphasis of the Second New Deal was economic security. The government hoped to guarantee that Americans would be protected against unemployment and poverty.

why was the second new deal so popular? … making it much easier for workers to organize unions and the New Deal included the most sweeping labor laws ever passed, mandating a 40-hour workweek, minimum wage, overtime pay and an end to child labor.

What did the first New Deal do?

Overall, what did the New Deal do? First, it addressed the unemployed. A Federal Emergency Relief Administration provided direct assistance to the states, to pass it on to those out of work. The next winter, a work-relief program provided jobs in the brief period it existed.

What was the purpose of the Second New Deal?

In his address to Congress in January 1935, Roosevelt called for five major goals: improved use of national resources, security against old age, unemployment and illness, and slum clearance, national work relief program (the Works Progress Administration) to replace direct relief efforts.