Question: What Do You Mean By Cured?

What do you mean by permanent?

existing perpetually; everlasting, especially without significant change.

intended to exist or function for a long, indefinite period without regard to unforeseeable conditions: a permanent employee; the permanent headquarters of the United Nations.

long-lasting or nonfading: permanent pleating; permanent ink..

What is purpose of curing?

Curing plays an important role on strength development and durability of concrete. Curing takes place immediately after concrete placing and finishing, and involves maintenance of desired moisture and temperature conditions, both at depth and near the surface, for extended periods of time.

What is an example of permanent?

The definition of permanent is someone or something that is supposed to last for a very long time. An example of something which is permanent is a tattoo. Lasting or remaining without essential change. … Lasting for an indefinitely long time.

What is permanent in life?

Permanent life insurance refers to coverage that never expires, unlike term life insurance, and combines a death benefit with a savings component. The two primary types of permanent life insurance are whole life and universal life. Permanent life insurance policies enjoy favorable tax treatment.

What is the opposite word of cure?

Antonyms for cure hindrance, disease, problem, obstruction, hurt, injury, blockage, stop.

What is the meaning of pure?

adjective, pur·er, pur·est. free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind; free from extraneous matter: pure gold; pure water. unmodified by an admixture; simple or homogeneous. of unmixed descent or ancestry: a pure breed of dog. free from foreign or inappropriate elements: pure Attic Greek.

What does curing mean?

1. curing – the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization; “the hardening of concrete”; “he tested the set of the glue” solidification, solidifying, hardening, set. congealment, congelation – the process of congealing; solidification by (or as if by) freezing.

What is the word for cure?

What is another word for cure?medicineremedyantidotemedicationcorrectivemedicamenttreatmentcurativephysictherapy99 more rows

What are the types of curing?

Methods Used For Curing of ConcreteShading concrete work.Covering concrete surfaces with hessian or gunny bags.Sprinkling of water.Ponding method.Membrane curing.Steam curing.

What is permanent condition?

A permanent condition is a medical condition which has been fully diagnosed, fully treated and fully stabilised (1.1. F. 240) and is more likely than not, in light of available evidence, to persist for more than 2 years.

What does Kipper mean?

noun. a fish, esp a herring, that has been cleaned, salted, and smoked. a male salmon during the spawning season. Australian archaic, derogatory, slang an Englishman.