Question: What Is The Opposite Word Of Cloudy?

What does churning mean?

verb (used with object) to agitate in order to make into butter: to churn cream.

to make (butter) by the agitation of cream.

to shake or agitate with violence or continued motion: The storm churned the sea.

to turn over and over in the mind: His brain slowly churned all the choices and possibilities..

How do you describe the color of the sky?

Here are some adjectives for sky: yon rich, cloudless northern, empty hazy, leaden misty, cloudless blue, blue wintry, black pre-dawn, identifiably different, gray rhenish, strangely stippled, almost cloudless, dramatically cloudy, almost night-time, uncaring, gray, painfully blue, awesome purple, pale rainy, cloudless …

Is dullen a real word?

Verb. (transitive, nonstandard) To make dull or duller; to dull. (intransitive, nonstandard) To become dull or duller; to dull.

What do you mean by hazy sunshine?

Hazy sunshine is not so much a weather warning as a way of saying that cloud, mist or fog may conceal the sunshine. … In the UK, hazy sunshine is caused by various formations of cloud blocking the golden rays of sunshine. Usually ‘high cloud’ is what prevents the sun from reaching its full potential.

How do you describe a beautiful night sky?

Here are some adjectives for night sky: clear terrestrial, magnificent and colorful, wan, wintry, wonderful, velvety, clear and peaceful, clear, eternal, clear blue-black, fresh and cool, tall, clear, ordinary tahitian, beautiful and lucid, ordinary unaffected, brittle cold, black eastern, cloudless, less black, black, …

How do you describe a night in a story?

Evening and NightThe evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. … The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun.The night sky was aglow with bright city lights.The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky.We looked up at the blanket of stars that stretched to infinity.More items…

What is the opposite of unclear?

Antonyms: clear, distinct, pellucid, unsubtle, vivid, perspicuous, crystal clear, clear-cut, lucid, limpid, unmistakable, trenchant, legible, broad, prima facie, luculent. Synonyms: unreadable, undecipherable, indecipherable, ill-defined.

How would you describe cloudy?

Use the adjective overcast when you’re describing a cloudy sky. … A day that’s gray and cloudy is overcast, and a dull, sunless sky can also be described this way.

Whats is sunny?

Sunny means shining with bright sunlight, like a beautiful sunny Saturday at the beach. It can also mean cheerful, like your sunny, upbeat best friend. When the sun is shining, it’s a sunny day, and when you’re smiling and friendly, you’re sunny too.

What do you call a dull person?

▲ An old-fashioned, persnickety or ineffective person. fuddy-duddy. fogy.

What causes cloudy weather?

Clouds on Earth form when warm air rises and its pressure is reduced. The air expands and cools, and clouds form as the temperature drops below the dew point. In other words, cold air cannot hold as much water vapor as warm air. … The cloud and the water vapor inside are warmer than the air around it.

What is a word for not clear?

adjective, ob·scur·er, ob·scur·est. (of meaning) not clear or plain; ambiguous, vague, or uncertain: an obscure sentence in the contract.

What is another word for Unsure?

In this page you can discover 60 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unsure, like: uncertain, doubtful, hesitant, borderline, problematic, dubitable, indefinite, shaky, untrustworthy, in doubt and clear.

What is the synonym of cloudy?

SYNONYMS FOR cloudy 1, 2 murky, lowering, shadowy, gloomy, depressing. 5 murky, turbid, muddy, opaque, shadowy. 6 dim, blurred, shadowy, unclear, befogged, muddled, confused. 7 gloomy, lowering.

What is cloudy weather?

Sunny or clear means there are no clouds in the sky, and cloudy means the entire sky is covered by clouds. One of the most misused weather terms is “fair.” The NWS uses “fair,” typically at night, to describe less than 3/8 cloud cover, with no precipitation and no extremes of visibility, temperature or winds.

What does dull mean?

adjective, dull·er, dull·est. not sharp; blunt: a dull knife. causing boredom; tedious; uninteresting: a dull sermon. not lively or spirited; listless. not bright, intense, or clear; dim: a dull day; a dull sound. having very little depth of color; lacking in richness or intensity of color.

How would you describe a cloudy sky?

Here are some adjectives for cloudy sky: milky, slow-moving, lurid, grey, doubtful, gray, real, high, cold, dark, dull, soft, thick, faint, pale, heavy, low, blue, old, white, same. You can get the definitions of these adjectives by clicking on them.

What does Mostly cloudy look like?

As you may have guessed by now, mostly cloudy means there are more clouds than sun (or stars, at night). The NWS definition says the sky is classified as mostly cloudy when 3/4 to 7/8 of the sky is covered by clouds, and it can also be referred to as “considerable cloudiness.”

What is the correct meaning of the word unclear?

: not clear: such as. a : difficult to understand an unclear explanation unclear instructions an unclear reference.

What’s the opposite of cloudy?

What is the opposite of cloudy?cheerfulbrightunworriedblithecloudlessfairhopefulluminousvivaciousunclouded67 more rows

What’s the meaning of hazy?

1 : made dim or cloudy by or as if by fine dust, smoke, or light vapor in the air : obscured by or as if by haze (see haze entry 1 sense 1a) hazy weather a hazy view of the mountains. 2 : vague, indefinite has only a hazy recollection also : uncertain I’m hazy on that point.

What does cloudy mean in slang?

(slang, archaic) shady; sketchy; suspicious.

What does cloudy and wet weather indicate?

Cloud (cloudy weather) – It means that the weather today is cloudy. Sky – It means that the weather is clear. Wet – It means that there will be rainfall.