Question: Why You Should Never Feed A Stray Cat?

Is it bad to feed a stray cat?

It is not bad to feed stray cats and it is a humane act to feed homeless and hungry cats.

However, many vets and cat experts do not encourage feeding them.

This is because they need health care and should be checked to ensure that they are not carriers of diseases or even rabies..

Will a stray cat starve if I stop feeding it?

Stray cats will not usually starve if you stop feeding them. Cats are natural hunters and even domesticated cats have the instinct to hunt for prey as cats normally would in the wild. One move that you can do to help stray cats even if you decided to stop feeding them is to inform local animal rescue groups like ASPCA.

Why you shouldn’t feed wild cats?

Feral cats are afraid of people and usually, run if approached. They will not allow you to touch them and you shouldn’t try because it can endanger you or the cat. They’ll only eat food you’ve provided after you’ve moved away. A cat is probably feral if he’s still unapproachable after several days of feeding.

Is it OK to pet a stray cat?

In general, stray cats are shy and not dangerous if they are left alone. … A stray cat on the other hand may even be friendly towards humans. That does not mean that you should go petting one because although it might be friendly, it can still carry diseases.