Quick Answer: How Do You Become A First Class Scout?

What is the youngest Eagle Scout?

The first Eagle Scout That Scout, Arthur Rose Eldred, was a member of Troop 1 in Oceanside, New York, a troop his brother Hubert had founded in November 1910.

The younger Eldred earned his 21st merit badge in April 1912 at the age of 16..

Is it difficult to become an Eagle Scout?

It is fairly difficult, which explains why only 4% of boys who join Scouting attain this rank. One needs 21 merit badges, 13 of which are required for Eagle; a minimum of 6 months as a Life Scout; and to have completed a leadership community service project.

What does the First Class Scout badge mean?

The first class scout badge is obtained after one has completed the Tenderfoot and Second Class Ranks. … This shows that a Scout is able to point the right way in life as truly as the compass points it in the field. THREE POINTS: The three points of the trefoil are like the three fingers used in the Scout sign.

What are the requirements for Star Scout?

Star Rank RequirementsBe active in your troop for at least four months as a First Class Scout.As a First Class Scout, demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Scout Law. … Earn six merit badges, including any four from the required list for Eagle.More items…

What is Trail to First Class?

Trail to First Class. The purpose of the Trail to First Class program is to provide your newer Scouts a more focused approach to help them develop the skills they need to advance to Tenderfoot, Second Class & First Class.

What are the Boy Scout ranks in order?

Scouts BSA has seven ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life and Eagle. Requirements are found in the Scouts BSA Handbook and online. Advancement has four steps: Learn, Test, Review and Recognize.

Can you become an Eagle Scout after 18?

Men and women age 18 and older, properly approved by the council executive board to register beyond the age of eligibility, may apply for the Eagle Scout rank. Since they are considered youth members for as long as they are so registered, they do not need a time extension.

What are the 12 Scout Laws?

There are 12 principles a Boy Scout lives by which is actually considered the Scout Law. “A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” All leaders must have and live by a set of values.

Do scouts shake left hand?

The left-handed Scout handshake is a formal way of greeting other Scouts of both genders and is used by members of Scout and Guide organizations around the world. The handshake is made with the hand nearest to the heart and is offered as a token of friendship.

What are the four steps to Boy Scout advancement?

There are four basic steps in Scout advancement, and they apply to all six ranks.Step 1: The Scout learns. They learns Scouting skills by taking an active, hands-on part in troop and patrol meetings and outdoor programs. … Step 2: The Scout is tested. … Step 3: The Scout is reviewed. … Step 4: The Scout is recognized.

How long do you have to be a First Class Scout?

The number of Scouts achieving First Class within one year of joining is still one of the key measures of unit effectiveness. Studies have shown that if a Scout achieves First Class within a year of joining, he typically stays in the Scout program for at least three years.

How long does it take to become a Life Scout?

1 The process typically takes several years, with the most intense and time-consuming aspects coming in the last three to six months. Here’s what your Scout and you need to do and when.