What Is Another Word For Default?

What happens when you default?

What Happens When You Default.

When a loan defaults, it is sent to a debt collection agency whose job is to contact the borrower and receive the unpaid funds.

Defaulting will drastically reduce your credit score, impact your ability to receive future credit, and can lead to the seizure of personal property..

What is difference between fault and default?

As verbs the difference between fault and default is that fault is to criticize, blame or find fault with something or someone while default is to fail to meet an obligation.

What do you mean by default apps?

A default program is an application that opens a file when you double-click it. If the file opens in Microsoft Word, then Microsoft Word is the default program. … Default programs are necessary since many file types can be opened by more than one program.

How do you use default in a sentence?

Default in a Sentence 🔉The bank will repossess your car if you default on your loan payments. … According to my religious grandmother, you default on your commitment to God when you file for divorce. … John is going to intentionally default on his student loan repayments in order to buy a motorcycle.More items…

What are two synonyms for default?

Synonyms fordelinquency.nonpayment.dearth.defect.deficiency.lack.omission.privation.

What does the phrase by default mean?

phrase. If something happens by default, it happens only because something else which might have prevented it or changed it has not happened. [formal] I would rather pay the individuals than let the money go to the State by default.

What is the opposite of default?

Opposite of the failure to repay what is owed. repayment. Noun.

How do you use the word default?

In default of due payment, their lands were liable to be sold to the highest bidder. c. 32) his majesty is enabled to remit wholly or in part any sum of money imposed upon conviction, and, if the offender has been imprisoned in default of payment, to extend to him the royal mercy.

What is a default position?

The term “default position” refers to a belief (or lack of belief) that is preferable prior to debate or before any evidence is considered. Many people claim that some belief (or lack thereof) are default positions, so everyone who disagrees with those positions has the burden of proof.

What is default means in Tagalog?

Defenition(s) failure to fulfill an obligation, especially to repay a loan or appear in a court of law.

What does default payment method mean?

When you add a payment method for the first time, it is saved in your account and listed as your default. This means that in case of a future purchase it will be automatically used to enable you to perform the transaction without you having to re-enter the respective information.

What is an antonym for degenerate?

degenerate. Antonyms: recover, improve, mend, advance. Synonyms: deteriorate, grow worse, retrograde.